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Our Team

A Winning Team!

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Meet Adriano, our Co-Founder and Licensed Home Improvement Contractor who started his career in Construction straight out of High School. Adriano began his journey at a young age specializing in Tile and eventually worked his way into Hardscape's and Landscaping.


Today, his expertise and passion drive our commitment to delivering top-quality Construction and Remodeling Services to our clients.

Adriano's Experience

Registered Home Improvement Contractor

24 Years of Construction 

24 Years as a Commercial Tile Installer

20 Years of Project Management

12 Years as a Licensed Home Improvement Contractor

17 years as a Small Business Owner

Proud Parent



With his background in Real Estate, Project Management, and Property Management, James has an eye for seeing the potential in properties and turning them into something beautiful. He brought his expertise to the world of Construction and Renovations, where he became known for his attention to detail and ability to deliver on promises.


Today, he's the co-founder of Lotus Construction, a company that continues to bring his vision to life.

lotus general contracting james stephenson_edited.jpg

James' Experience

Registered Home Improvement Contractor in MA and CT

16 Years of Construction 

14 Years of Project Management 

14 Years of Real Estate Investment 

12 Years of Property Management

26 Years of Automotive Experience

20 Years as a Master Automotive Technician

18 years as a Small Business Owner

7 Years as a Certified Business Development Coach

Father and Husband

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